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Birch telecom - Birch communications are theives

Company Birch telecom
Product / Service Phone Provider
Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Category Home Phone
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I dont understand how a phone company can switch your phone services without your knowledge and start charging you.Once i got their bill i called my phone company and they said that what they had done was illegal and that i needed to call them to cancel their services and report them to the fcc.

I called Birch and explained to them what was going on and that i didn't want their services. I thought everything was worked out, that was until i got another bill from them for $1750.00 for a termination fee. If they call you, be rude and hang up the phone.

They will be hateful and charge you $2000.00 dollars for that phone conversation.
I'm pissed! 2e9cc86

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Oct 15, 2013 
I am a former "Sales Engineer" for Birch and was one of the first "750 employees"...
now this was when Dave Scott / Jeff Shackleford put this this scam together...

their gig was get business to "sign up"...
sales reps had a quota and if didn't make it, they got fired...

they lied to potential customers but only 'cause the lies came from above us...

it was nothing but a cash generating thing for them and Shackleford was the 1st to get out...

Dave Scott sat across the table at an office meeting and told us our jobs "were secure"...
2 months later I got laid off with this nice little prepared package that took some time to put together instead of calling some one and saying "you're fired"..

now they did bankruptcy 6 or 7 times since I got run off...

it's a scam...
they don't have their own employees that care about the customers...

for my birthday, I got a little "punch out" birthday hat...
when my wife passed away, I didn't get a *** email and got wrote up for coming in 2 hours late 1st day back to work after funeral...

J Walters

Reply to former birch employee

Oct 12, 2013 
I have been with Lightyear for years. Now today I got this billing from Birch Communications. No information about the change or nothing. How can you change my phone provider and not tell me?
Reply to not happy

Sep 28, 2013 
I had my service with through Lightyear Wireless who recently sold to Birch Communications. Lightyear was contracted to provide the service with Sprint. For the last couple of months, throughout the transition from Lightyear Wireless to Birch Communications, my signal has been spotty at best...frequent dropped calls, text messages not arriving or taking too long to receive. I am on a no-contract service fortunately, but I just paid for another month of service. It would appear that I won't be receiving the service I paid for!? WTF??? I have to say I am disappointed in Lightyears' choice to sell out to a company that cannot fulfill its obligation to its newly acquired customers.
Reply to BG

Oct 15, 2013 
as a former Birch Sales Engineer (Beaumont TX area)get ready for some really *** "customer" service...

Reply to former birch employee

May 23, 2013 
I was contacted by their salesperson and assured that nothing would change if I switched fron AT$T. Like a fool I agreed to their service. A few weeks later I came to work and had no internet. I called and they said they were working on it, no one would call me back. My business was shut down. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that they could not give me that information. No one told me I had to have a new modem to use the internet. I got one a day and a half later and things seemed to work. One month later to the day my phone lines would not roll over and clients we calling saying they were geting a busy signal. I called Birch and they said they could not do roll-over. They ageeed to let me cancel and I did. Went back to AT&T. Wish I had never dealt with them. They are horrible.
Reply to Hank

Aug 05, 2013  from Richardson, Texas
OMG,Hank I feel your PAIN, we are a public library and we were led to believe that they were affiliated with AT&T and we'd get a cheaper rate, so we or I switched (like a fool). Let me tell you cheaper is not always better, when you need reliability. Our problems started not long after me switched and we decided to stick it out rather than paying the disconnect fees, which was Hugh!!! Oh, let me explain we are a small public library in a rural area and need reliable service. Well we were stuck with them for three(3) horrible years:(( When anything went wrong we had to wait on the AT&T service people to come check it out. We just had a bad experience with these shysters!!! OK,I sent them a letter asking them to disconnect our services in April,right? Today we received another bill, I called and asked what was it for, they said I didn't specify what I wanted on my letter that said "PLEASE DISCONNECT OUR SERVICES!!!" THESE PEOPLE ARE SO CROOKED!!! SO PLEASE TO THE PUBLIC IF IT WADDLE AND QUACK LIKE A DUCK, GUESS WHAT!!! IT PROBABLY IS (LOL)!!!!
Reply to Library

Oct 15, 2013 
as a former Sale Engineer of Birch from the Beaumont area, I know of your and other companies with same problems and know what line of *** you were told...


Reply to former BIRCH employee

Oct 15, 2013 
as a former Sales engineer with Birch, I have to say you have good complaints, but your sales person believed what we were "told from above us"...I would of been the contact above the sales rep and would of tried to assure you there would be no problems...

I would of lied to you also...
only 'cause we believed what we were told...
Reply to former sales engineer

Jan 30, 2013 
I could kick myself a hundred times for believing Birch's claim in being part of AT&T ! Now that I am officially signed on, I received a early termination invoice from AT&T, which I either have to pay or quit Birch Communcations and pay them the $900.00 early termination fee. I'm caught between two fires with no way out. I beg anyone reading this PLEASE AVOID BEING SCAMMED INTO JOINING BIRCH. Not only do they lie and twist what they say, but they pressure you into joining on the spot so you don't have time to check them out first.
Reply to Kay

Sep 26, 2012 
Birch has done the same thing to me, coerced me into switching over my phone services from my business and assuring me there were no problems in doing so, and gave me a great rate. Then when I received the early termination fee from my current provider I called Birch to tell them that I was deceived into signing on, lead to believe they would take care of everything with AT&T....basically they said "so sorry" pay us $1800 and we will let you terminate your contract with us. I have had their services for 3 weeks and am not about to pay $1800 for being duped and mislead, but I will make their life miserable for the next 36 months via social media.
Reply to Kit

Sep 10, 2012 
Been with Birch for a year or so, no problems. Basic phone service, no broadband etc. Originally switched from Verizon after years because Birch were significantly cheaper e.g. for international calls. Now I'm moving to a nearby address and have asked them to transfer the a/c and number - be interesting to see how smoothly this goes!

Right now I'm involved with Verizon trying to get a line working for my disabled brother who's just moved to a nursing home. It's been a nightmare so far... are we sure these different phone companies are really so different in the way they work, all appear to be using similar business models, lots of subcontractors etc?

Reply to Will Thomson

Sep 06, 2012 
My Dad who is 86 years old got scammed by this company. He had no idea who he was talking too and their Sales Rep. took advantage of this and now they are sending his bill of 3 months for $612.00 dollars... How can that be correct... they are theives.
Reply to Dee Felder

Aug 01, 2012 
Do not use this company, they say you agree to a 3 year contract and when you call they are arrogant and rude, go anywhere else.
Reply to Merrill S

Jul 16, 2012 
DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS!! I read the write up above fromt he gentleman who loves Birch. We let me tell you what they did to me over July 4th weekend (THE BUSIEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR FOR MY BAR & GRILL). My phone went out on Thursday July 5th. After 21 calls to them over the weekend, they repaired it on July 9th! Since my phone was out, my credit card machine wouldn't work and I lost over $1,000 dollars due to this situation. I was soo pissed that I asked them how to cancel and they told me that I must cancel within 30 days of contract end or they AUTOMATICALLY RENEW your contract again for 1 year and you cannot get out of it either! Had good service for almost 2 years but this one incident (which they cannot guarantee will not happen again) cost me all the savings I would have saved and business!
Reply to Robbie

Jul 10, 2012 
This company is absolutely horrible from the business to customer service!!! They tricked me in believe they are threw AT&T and are helping me lower my rates and I fell for it now I'm stuck for 36 months!!! AT&T work great phone lines and Internet now with birch my Internet is screw up wireless doesn't work and when called customer service told me I need to find someone else to fix it they can't help me!!! Do not trust this company but boy did the hired good telemarketers to screw me over!!!!
Reply to Tran

Jun 16, 2012 
I am very satisfied with Birch and have them at two businesses.
Reply to D. B. Larmer

Jun 14, 2012 

Jun 12, 2012 
I had a very similar situation to Birch thief: I was tricked into believing they were AT&T. I asked twice if they were AT&T and was told "Yes, but cheaper". I signed up and two weeks later want to cancel, but am told I will be charged $900.00 for breaking their contract!
My small business can't afford this... they are swindlers !
Reply to LGizz

Jun 03, 2012 
Birch slammed my parents, charged them $98.00 a month for phone service, then shut off their service without notifying them. I had to race over at midnight to check on my parents who are 86 and 94 years old. I switched back to Verizon. IThen a bill collector called my mom and asked for the $98.00 she owed them. I called the bill collector back and said I plan on suing and/or contacting the FCC. We never received that bill LOL. I am thinking about contacting a lawyer. Any advice?
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